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Visa and Migration

The Australian Government skilled migration program targets young students who have sought after skills, an education and outstanding abilities that will contribute to the Australian economy. International students with Australian qualifications are eligible to be assessed under the skilled migrant program. For up-to-date information on the program, visit the Department of Border Protection ( DIBP) website (

As you would expect gaining permanent residency in Australia is not an easy process. But, it is possible if you really want a new life in this great innovative country. You need to take the correct steps to ensure that you can become one of the chosen ones to live in “this lucky country”. T here are many reasons why people decide to migrate to Australia. They may want to establish a business, study, work, live with their partner, improve their lifestyle or they may simply feel the need for a change.

Whatever the reasons may be, they will have many important decisions to make and actions to undertake, including the preparation and lodgement of their immigration application and, most importantly, engaging the services of a “credible registered migration agent”  to assist you with or to carry out your  immigration application.  Contact ASA for further information and assistance.