Asian Student Accommodation

We care about our students

ASA is a family boutique accommodation and have been caring for international students for over 18 years. We provide a very specialised service that is tailored to meet each of our students, according to their individual needs. The accommodation has been designed to provide a comprehensive high quality package that is managed like a family home. Our international students are loved and cared for like they were our own children.

This is an accommodation suited for students who are leaving home for the first time and they require someone who will genuinely guide them through their transition in to their new culture.

Majority of the students at the hostel are predominantly females, however, ASA do accept male students, subject to compatibility screening and these placements are limited. Set within graceful and elegant surroundings, the owners have created a home away from home to ensure that the students feel safe, warm and welcome in their new Australian residence.

    Mission and Diversity Statement

Asian Student Accommodation (ASA) is proud and committed that it embraces diversity and promotes inclusion with the students living at the accommodation. ASA’s management welcomes international students from all over the world and incorporates their diversity policies into every aspect of the residential’ s function and purpose. Our goal is to ensure that all our students feel welcomed, safe and supported no matter their gender, sex, race, culture, national origin, colour, religion or ability throughout their journey at the accommodation. Every student at ASA is free from discrimination and harassment and is respected and treated fairly to thrive in a global community. We endeavour to create an environment that allows students to explore, discover and grow emotionally, mentally and academically during their stay in Australia.